ARROW’s Student Staffers

Renée Beverlin• Graduate Student • Counseling 

Photo of Renée BeverlinHello! My name is Renée and I am in the final year of a graduate program at Eastern Mennonite University. Receiving a master’s degree in counseling has been a long-sought-after dream of mine and I am so excited to be joining the ARROW Project team as an intern in clinical mental health counseling. As a counselor, I believe that self-awareness is at the heart of growth, transformation, and healing. As such, I find great purpose in working with clients of all ages to help them define their own personal choices, responsibilities, and freedoms. I am looking forward to serving with the ARROW Project this year to help cultivate wellness and resilience within our community.


Lanz Hubbard • Graduate Student • Counseling 

photograph of Lanz HubbardI feel honored to be a part of the work The ARROW Project is doing in the Shenandoah Valley. I am a graduate student at Eastern Mennonite University, working towards a Masters degree in Counseling. I received my B.A. from the University of Virginia in 2000, and have been working with children as a teacher and caregiver since 2004. I have found fulfillment in connecting with children in each of their unique stages of development, and helping them through their formative years of emotional and social growth. My professional goal is to develop meaningful relationships with my clients—children and adults alike—to support them in their growth and wellbeing. I discern the great need for emotional and mental health services, which should be available to every person.


Katelyn Pollock • Undergraduate Student • Healthcare Administration 

Photograph of Katelyn PollockI am looking forward to working with the ARROW Project because I want to build a stronger community to support mental health in the Staunton area.

I am on my third year working on completing my undergraduate degree in Healthcare Administration as my Major. I have skills in presentation, communication, Microsoft and Word. I have volunteered at my local youth center from 2013-2015. I am an avid cross country runner since 2012-present. I have competed in National Collegiate Athletics (NCAA) Division 3 regional south for cross country. I’ve worked as a youth center assistant from summer of 2017 to present. My professional goal is to understand the issues facing this community with mental health for kids and adults alike and how as a future health administrator I can focus on mental health services.




Updated 1/29/2019