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The ARROW Project is a community-focused health and wellness organization that aims to alleviate barriers to accessing mental health services by creating innovative partnerships, programming, and professional development opportunities in the SAW Region of Virginia

If you or someone you know is searching for providers of mental health care or resources, we are more than happy to connect you with a provider. 

If you’re someone looking for new mental health options, we would love to see if there are ways we can reach those goals. 

For those working towards a future in counseling or behavioral health, ARROW offers opportunities for training and supervision that might fit your area of interest, as well as academic or residency requirements. 

For organizations or professions that provide mental health care in the surrounding counties, we would love to partner with you on projects and placements for trainees. 

If your organization has particular areas of expertise, we would love to connect community members with your services. 

If you would like to donate to the ARROW Project, follow the adjacent link. All donations will be used to support, maintain, and grow the ARROW Project on it’s mission to bring mental health care and awareness to the SAW Region of Virginia 

Contact Us

11 Middlebrook Avenue Staunton, Virginia, 

Phone: (540) – 255 – 0972 *

* While allowed by federal privacy law, e-mail is not considered secure form of communication.

Want to join our team?

We are Hiring!

We are hiring for 2 Residents in Counseling, 2 Supervisees in Social Work, 2 Clinical Mental Health Masters Students, and 2 Social Work Masters Students. These positions are open for both the summer and fall of 2024! Please contact for more information!